How Facebook Has Ruined My Mental Health

How Facebook Has Ruined My Mental Health


Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites on the internet.

And I’m tired of it.

Facebook has been incredibly detrimental to my mental health that I’ve decided to stop using the newsfeed portion of the site, and only use the messenger app. And I’m only using it to talk to a few people, including my apartment group chat.

I’m no longer using Facebook for a variety of reasons, which I’m going to go into detail about below. But the main reason is because my mental health has been tanking the more I check my Facebook news feed.

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Why I’m No Longer Using Facebook

I’m no longer using Facebook because it’s seriously killing my mental health. It’s tanking my ability to improve my life, be a better person, and stop being angry at everything in the world.

I hold a variety of views on Facebook and how it’s ruining our culture, and it’s causing more harm than good, in my opinion. I can’t stand the way people are interacting with each other nowadays, and how it’s just a cesspool of hate and anger now.



It’s Too Political

No matter where I go, it seems that politics is getting pushed into every part of my life. I actively seek out a variety of views on politics to get various sides of things, but I need a break from it every so often.

And it seems that Facebook and social media are just tools to push politics now.

Whenever I check my newsfeed I’m bombarded with various opinions that are becoming more and more authoritarian than just opinions. I’m being told that if I don’t believe “x” I’m a bad person, I shouldn’t be friends with them, or I’m a bigot.

It doesn’t matter how mundane your opinion is, it seems that it’s being rammed down my throat no matter where I turn, especially on Facebook.

I get that people have opinions and they want to share them, and a social media platform is just the place for that! But, that’s not something I want out of my social media. I’m being force fed politics in most of my day with most of the content I digest, I just want cute baby and pet pictures, life updates, and memes on my social media.

Maybe I’m a bit odd in that opinion, but I’m just tired of being bombarded with politics. It seems like the whole world, especially the US has been pushing politics more and more in regular, daily life.

I hold more centrist or moderate views on things. I have values that fall on both sides of the spectrum, and I feel that that’s not an extreme view point to have. But the more I go on Facebook, the more I’m told it is.


It’s Toxic

In a similar vein, with all the politics floating around Facebook, it seems people are sharing their opinions in a more toxic way.

Like I mentioned before, if I’m not for the latest thing that society is gearing towards I’m being indirectly told that I’m a terrible person.

I just want to live my life and let other people do the same. But right now you can no longer be anti-“thing”. You have to actively be anti-“thing”.

I don’t want to bring up specific examples because that’s just going to cause drama I don’t want.

But I will say that it’s incredibly lonely to see that because my views on a few things don’t fall in line with other people I would happily be friends with otherwise, they view me as an “enemy” and “the other side”.

It seems that more and more people are becoming activists, and that’s great! If you have an opinion or you feel strongly about a certain topic, be vocal about it all you want. I have no problem with people doing that, I’m just tired of looking at it.

My mental health can’t handle the hatred and anger that’s going on on social media.

Anger is what drives reactions, clicks, and shares. So, naturally outlets are going to write and post more things that are going to make you angry. And I can’t handle all that anymore.



It’s Too Divisive

It seems that with all these things going on, social media is trying to put people into two boxes, “with” or “against”.

No matter what the issue is, you’re supposed to be for or against and whichever new issue that’s popped up is. You can no longer just decide to decline to be involved.

I see this in posts where people tell me that if I don’t believe “x, y, and z” I’m a terrible person, to put it lightly. I’ve even had people say things like “if you don’t believe in “x” just unfriend me now”.

That’s incredibly divisive, and also going to eventually throw yourself into an echo chamber where the only people’s opinions you hear validate your own.

This is why I don’t unfriend people just because I disagree with them on opinions. I will unfriend someone if they start to get angry, rude, and I don’t actually have an actual relationship with anymore. A lot of the people on my feed are people I met in college who I have no contact with anymore.

I no longer post things on Facebook, and that started when I posted something from the news and was dogpiled because it was against what my newsfeed thought. I decided that because my mental health is more important to me right now, I’m going to stop posting. Criticism is fine, but being called a bigot because I post a news article is just not something I’m okay with.

Then it progressed to not wanting to be on the site in the first place, but I still use messenger for communication with various people, so I’ve downloaded the app to my desktop so I no longer have to look at the newsfeed to use it.

Having the different views that my newsfeed has made me feel incredibly isolated because I can’t seem to find people who see things the way I do. And trying to talk to anyone about it I just get shot down and berated. I’m just done.



Right now, I need a break from all of this. I don’t know how long I plan on removing the Facebook newsfeed from my life, but right now I need that break. That also means I’m probably not going to be active on my Facebook page for this blog. Though it wasn’t very active to begin with.

If you think that because I have different views than you on a subject and I don’t want to be berated because of that I’m whatever kind of negative term you’d like to use, please, just move on. I don’t need people commenting that I’m a terrible person. If you don’t like something, jut ignore it.

Hate is not a good feeling, and I feel like we need more love in the world.



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