Why You Need to Take Responsibility For Yourself Right Now

Why You Need to Take Responsibility For Yourself Right Now


Taking responsibility is something I’ve seen slowly fading away in recent times.

A lot of social media seems to be blaming other people for their problems. Whatever the issue may be, I keep seeing people blame someone else for their problems.

And this is a problem.

Being responsible for yourself is the best way to live because it means you’re an independent person and you have the ability to be the best you are.

Why you need to take responsibility for yourself right now is because if you don’t, you’re probably going to be in a sad state until you start doing so.



Why You Need to Take Responsibility for Yourself Right Now

Taking responsibility for yourself is the best way to grow yourself as a person. The more you blame others or don’t take responsibility for yourself the less happy you’re going to be. Because you’re waiting for these outside factors to change, it may not happen when you want or how you want.

When you take responsibility for yourself you will be able to make the changes to live a better and happier life.


Build Better Relationships

When you take responsibility for yourself, you will be able to have better relationships with others. How does this work out?

When you take responsibility for your action, words, and thoughts you will be able to build trust with others. When others trust you more you will naturally have a better relationship with others. You will be seen as a reliable person, people will trust you more, and you will be able to back up your words with actions.

I recently started taking responsibility for myself in various parts of my life. But I’ve always been the reliable friend in my friend group, and I’m always open for people to come to me with their problems.


Show Compassion

When you take responsibility for yourself you it helps you be more compassionate. By being reliable and trust worthy you can be that shoulder people rely on. By doing that you will learn to be compassionate and empathetic towards others.

Learning to be compassionate towards others will strengthen your relationships. When you can see things through someone else’s eyes and understand things from others’ point of view, you will be a better person.



Won’t Blame Others

One of the things I learned from growing up with my parents¬†is that I started blaming them and others for my problems. Due to my upbringing I became more predisposed to anxiety and depression. I’m slowly learning to take responsibility for myself, for my illnesses, and how to conquer them on my own.

Blaming others is a way to shift blame from yourself to someone else because you don’t want to be responsible. When you blame someone else it gives you an excuse to not take responsibility, but it will bite you in the butt later on.

I was unhappy in my life when I blamed my parents for everything. But, there’s a point in life where you have to move on. I reached that point and I’ve been doing better and better every day.


Recognize When Things Are Out of Your Control

By taking responsibility for yourself you are able to recognize when things are out of your control. When things get too rough or when you can’t handle what’s going on, you can see that and are able to take the steps to figure out what to do.

When things used to get out of control for me, I was usually trying to blame it on someone else or something else. I would try to find a way to excuse when things got out of control. But I’m the only person that has control of my life, so I had to learn to take responsibility for myself and learn to navigate that problem.

Taking responsibility for yourself helps you understand yourself better. When you understand yourself you have the ability to see when something is too much for me. I now have the ability to take the time to figure out how to react appropriately. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can always control how you respond to it.


How Do You Take Responsibility For Yourself?

Taking responsibility for yourself is probably the best thing you can do to grow and learn more about yourself. So, how do you go about taking responsibility for yourself? There are a few ways to do that. It might take you some time, but if you take it slow, give pause when things get too rough, you can be the responsible person you always wanted to be.



Not Blame Others

When you blame others for the problems in your life, you deflect the problems away from yourself and aren’t taking responsibility for what’s going on in your life.

Like I mentioned before, I used to blame my parents for my upbringing and the problems I have because of the way I was raised. My parents are toxic in their own ways and growing up was rough. I wasn’t treated with respect, I was constantly belittled in either direct or indirect ways, there was always arguing… Needless to say it’s part of why I have such a high level of anxiety now.

But, after years of constantly blaming my parents, I realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere. All it did was push the blame on them and made me miserable because I felt like there was nothing I could do to change what happened.

It wasn’t until recently, but I started taking responsibility for my life. I recognize that my upbringing caused all these problems, but I won’t be able to move on and grow as a person until I start taking responsibility for myself. I had to recognize that I’m now 31 years old, haven’t lived with my parents since I was 21, and they don’t have the control over my life anymore. Any residual thoughts I might have from all that is now my responsibility. It’s on myself to improve myself.


Own Up to Your Mistakes

The biggest thing to take responsibility for yourself it to own up to your own mistakes. Going along with not blaming others, owning up to your own mistakes is the first step you can take to be responsible. When you make a mistake sometimes the first thing you want to do is deflect and place blame on someone or something else because no one likes being wrong or making a mistake.

When you own up to your mistakes you’re able to grow as a person by understanding why or how you went wrong, and figure out how to not do whatever it was again in the future.

One of my biggest mistakes in my life lead to a severe trauma that caused me to stop drinking. This one is hard to process because while it’s my fault I drank so much, it’s not my fault that I was potentially drugged and was taken advantage of. But, instead of crying about it, drinking my problems away, and making excuses, it was a wake up call for me. I took responsibility for my part in what happened and have now been sober for almost 7 years.



Be Consistent

In order to really grow and be a responsible person, you have to be consistent.

If you’re not consistent with applying the ways you’re trying to be responsible and take ownership of yourself and your life, you’re never going to get to where you want to be.

It’s going to take time. When you first start out you want to still blame others, to give excuses as to why you can’t do whatever it is, and you will have a hard time owning up to yourself.

When I first started taking responsibility for myself it was still easy to shift blame and make excuses for my problems, mistakes, and mishaps. Like I mentioned with my parents situation, I used to blame my parents for everything that went wrong in my life.

Anxiety acting up? Parent’s fault.

Having a bad day at work? Wasn’t taught appropriate stress relief. Parent’s fault.

Have anger issues and can’t control them? Blame my parents for bad coping mechanisms.

It took years, and a lot of work, and I’m still working on it, but I’m taking responsibility for myself.



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