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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with a Job You Hate


Working at a job you hate is exhausting. Usually you’re doing things you don’t like, aren’t good at, or both.

My current position is technically a job I hate. I want out of this job as soon as I can, so I’m taking the steps to do so and things look promising.

Once you realize you’re in a job you hate you have to take some immediate steps to get yourself out of that position and into one you actually like. Depending on how the job market is doing, it might be easier or harder to find a new job. Right now, it’s kind of hard to find a job because a lot of businesses were closed due to the pandemic.

However, companies having to create COVID related teams and taskforces for things that the pandemic have caused in whatever sector they’re in is causing more jobs so it’s balancing out, sort of.

So when you’re in a job you hate you have a few steps you have to take to get yourself out of that position.



Why You Should Use Recruiting During Your Next Job Search

I know recruiting gets a bad rap because there are places out there that don’t care, barely communicate with you, and some places even alter your resume just to get a win. But not all recruiters and recruiting companies are bad. In fact, there are places out there that care about their consultants and prospective consultants almost as much as they do their own families.

I used to work for one of those companies. We treated out consultants very highly and because we were such a small company we were able to have a more one-on-one relationship with everyone.

So, why should you use a recruiting company during your next job search? Keep reading to find out.




How to Keep Your Sanity While Job Searching

How do you keep your sanity while job searching? There are a few ways to keep yourself from burning out while applying and searching for jobs. Click here. #jobsearch #jobsearchsanity #unemployed #unemployment

Job searching when you’re employed can be hard enough, but job searching while unemployed can be soul crushing. If you don’t have an in-demand skill set, it can be heartbreaking. You apply and apply and get nothing but rejections or spam emails in response.

It really can be draining to your sanity when you’re job searching when you put in all this effort and get little to nothing out of it.

So, what do you do to keep your sanity while job searching? Keep reading to find out.



6 Things NOT to Say to Someone Who’s Unemployed


As someone who is currently unemployed (at least as I’m writing this) there are things people say that they think is helpful but are really draining and can make us feel worse about our situation.

Most of the time we can’t help our situation, especially right now, since we’re in the middle of a pandemic and jobs aren’t hiring as most of them are trying to get themselves back on track after the initial blow to the economy.

I know people are just trying to help, but sometimes it’s less help, more depression.

There are many things not to say to someone who’s unemployed, but I’m going to go over the few that rub me the wrong way the most.



What to Do While You’re Unemployed

What do you do while you're unemployed can really make or break you, but don't think that you have to be productive and learning every single day. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you're at this vulnerable stage in your life. #unemployed #unemployment #unemployedlife

Being unemployed isn’t fun. I know. I’ve been there and as I’m writing this, I’m there now.

It’s going to suck, especially if you didn’t choose to be unemployed due to a lay off or firing. That can really do a number on your mental health.

You’re likely feeling alone, scared, and probably stressed about how you’re going to pay for your life now.

I previously wrote about What to Do if You Find Yourself Unemployed, which goes into detail about what to do immediately after your find yourself in this situation. This post is going to explore what to do with your time while you’re searching for your next job.



How to Handle Stress at Work Like a Pro

My stress levels have been off the charts lately, and I’ve definitely had to deal with an overload of stress while still at work. I want to share with you my tips for getting yourself through a stressful time at work like a pro. #stress #work #WorkStress

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What NOT to Add to Your Resume: 2020 Edition

Having a good, clean resume can make a huge impact on your interview chances. However, I format every resume that the recruiter's at my day job send me, so I've seen some really terrible resumes. I'm here to share my wisdom with you all who are looking to change jobs, or just update our resume. Click Here to read more. #resumes #career #resumesadvice #careeradvice


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