Why You Should Love Yourself Before Loving Someone Else


I’ve heard this in various different ways, but the main point to take away is “you need to have a good relationship with yourself before you have a relationship with anyone else”. And that is very good advice.

If you have a bad relationship with yourself you’re more prone to jealousy, insecurity, and causing rifts with your partner. These things can seriously harm a relationship to the point of breaking up.

These things come out the most when you love someone and you don’t want to let them go.

When you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, you’re not mentally ready to have someone else come into that space with you. It’s hard to admit at times, but I find that when I have problems regarding relationships it’s because I’ve been neglecting the relationship I have with myself.



I’m Exhausted

This is going to be an update and a ramble about how I’m feeling right now. If this isn’t something you’re interested in, then I’m sorry, this isn’t for you. Eventually I’ll be able to get back to posting regularly but right now I just can’t.

I’m exhausted.

Both physically from my job and mentally from what’s been going on in the world.



What Not to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder This Holiday Season

What Not to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder This Holiday Season? Save yourself the embarrassment and NOT say these things this Xmas.


Most of the time when people think of eating disorders they think of restricting, not eating, or purging. But there are many other eating disorders out there that also include over eating.

However, people with eating disorders have a hard enough time during the regular year, but once holiday time comes around, it can be much, much harder.

If you’re getting together with family this holiday season, try not to say these things to people around the dinner table.



How to Prevent Overeating During the Holidays

How do you prevent overeating during the holidays? I have some tips and tricks for you to use this holiday season. Click here to read more


Overeating is something that’s really been plaguing me recently.

It’s my latest addiction in a cycle of addictions of my life, and it’s causing a lot of problems. Besides the weight gain, I don’t like how I’m not in control of my own body and my own self. I’m at the mercy of the food I have in my house and that’s not a good thing.

If you’re like me and tend to over eat when you have the chance to, the holidays aren’t a good time for you. Holidays are a time for friends, family, and food. Everyone’s three favorite “F”s.

But when food is such a pain for you, how do you prevent overeating during the holidays?



Introvert Gift Guide for Christmas 2020

Don't know what to get your introvert? Let me help! Check out my introvert gift guide for Christmas 2020! Click here!


Introverts get enough slack as it is. We like to stay to ourselves and we’re not a fan of large social gatherings.

As an introvert myself, I’ve put together a list for the introvert gift guide for Christmas 2020.

It contains all the things introverts like the best, and a few that I think would be beneficial to everyone.

Keep reading to find out more.



Why You Should Gift CBD This Christmas

Why should you gift CBD this Christmas? Check out this post all about why you should gift CBD this Christmas. Click here.

CBD is the hot thing right now, and honestly, it’s a perfect gift for those you love!

CBD is everywhere and making its way into everything, so it’s easy to find products you or your loved ones will enjoy.

Why should you gift CBD this Christmas?

Keep reading to find out!


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How to Spend Christmas Alone

How do you spend Christmas alone? Check out this post to get all the details about spending Christmas alone.


Not everyone has family or wants to spend time with that family during Christmas. I normally spend actual Christmas Eve and Day by myself and I absolutely love it!

More often than not Christmas doesn’t fall on a weekend. Before my current contract job, my supervisor had the week between Christmas and New Year’s blocked off, and this year Christmas falls on a Thursday/Friday so I have to work Thursday night and have off Friday.

I might go see my family that weekend, but I haven’t decided on that as of writing this post. If I do, I’m getting a hotel room.

So how do you spend Christmas alone?

Continue reading to find out.



Way Too Early Christmas List 2020

Check out this year's way too early Christmas list for 2020! Click here to read what's on my Christmas list this year.

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the way too early Christmas list of 2020!

This year I’m putting together a list of all the things I’d like to buy myself for Christmas.

Want to see what’s on my list this year? Keep reading to find out.




What Happens When You Vibe With a Season

What happens when you vibe with a season? It's a magical experience to vibe with a season. Click here to read more.

I love fall.

It’s my favorite season. I feel at home during the autumn season and it’s the only time of the year I feel like I’m the most like myself.

If you’ve ever vibed with a season before you can understand this.

What happens when you vibe with a season?



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