The Powerful Connection Between Anxiety and Clutter


Clutter is someone with anxiety’s worst nightmare.

A giant mess, an untidy house, a bedroom full of unwashed clothes on the floor…

Whatever the clutter is, it makes your anxiety much, much worse. Anxiety and clutter go hand in hand like water in oil. They don’t mix at all. And along the way it causes mental anguish that can make your mental health a lot more worse than you expected.

There’s a powerful connection between anxiety and clutter, and it’s not good on the anxiety end.



New Year Update: January

I never made any real concrete resolutions for the new year, but I came into 2019 wanting to live a better life. I've made a few change, some more near the end of last year, and I've been feeling much better!

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New Year, New You: How to Feel Better About Yourself

Now that we've covered you're health and physical appearance, all that's left is the mental aspect. With a new year, new you, a different or better way of thinking can change so much in your life. You won't realize how your mental health can be holding you back by thinking in a pessimistic or self deprecating way. This post will go through some things to help you start off the new year with a fresh mindset. #newyear #newyou #personaldevelopment


Let’s Talk About Addictions: Alcohol

We all know the dangers of addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, or something else. It can cause damage to the person, their relationships, and their lives if not kept in check or taken care of. I have my own story with addiction. This is my story of addiction to alcohol.


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