The Powerful Connection Between Anxiety and Clutter


Clutter is someone with anxiety’s worst nightmare.

A giant mess, an untidy house, a bedroom full of unwashed clothes on the floor…

Whatever the clutter is, it makes your anxiety much, much worse. Anxiety and clutter go hand in hand like water in oil. They don’t mix at all. And along the way it causes mental anguish that can make your mental health a lot more worse than you expected.

There’s a powerful connection between anxiety and clutter, and it’s not good on the anxiety end.



How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree

So, if you're in your 20s, you've likely grown up playing or at least heard of The Sims franchise. I grew up playing the Sims from the original The Sims games up until the current installment of the Sims 4.  One thing everyone does at least once is to make themselves and to make their own house/apartment in the game. I recently decided to make my own apartment (although it did end up backwards... Oops!) and it lit a fire under me to finally get all of the clutter in my apartment to their respective places.


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