Why You Should Use Recruiting During Your Next Job Search

I know recruiting gets a bad rap because there are places out there that don’t care, barely communicate with you, and some places even alter your resume just to get a win. But not all recruiters and recruiting companies are bad. In fact, there are places out there that care about their consultants and prospective consultants almost as much as they do their own families.

I used to work for one of those companies. We treated out consultants very highly and because we were such a small company we were able to have a more one-on-one relationship with everyone.

So, why should you use a recruiting company during your next job search? Keep reading to find out.




5 Stages of Underemployment

Being unemployed is one thing, but what about being underemployed? What happens when you end up in a basic job for barely minimum wage, yet you have the credential to do so much more?  #underemployment #career #jobhunting #jobsearch


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