How To Recover From Your Family Filled Holidays as an Introvert

It's holiday season! Regardless of whatever culture or religion you are, there should be some sort of winter holiday you celebrate. Us introverts really aren't that big of a fan of large gatherings that come with superficial and small talk, so having more than one in the next few months is pretty exhausting. I recently wrote about how to deal with the actual holiday gatherings themselves, so here is how to decompress and recover from all that holiday cheer you experience.


5 Ways to Survive Winter Family Gatherings as an Introvert

As an introvert, all of this social interaction can drain you and make these holidays worse off by getting cranky or grumpy from over stimulation. As an introvert myself, even spending time with just my parents for Christmas can drain me. I've compiled ways to keep yourself going during these winter holiday gatherings. #christmas #family #introvert


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