8 Things to Remember When Creating Your Resume

Creating your resume is hard work if  you want to do it right. Having the best resume you can have will up your chances for landing interviews and eventually jobs, and with the way jobs are becoming harder to find, especially as a new graduate or in entry-level positions.


5 Stages of Underemployment

Being unemployed is one thing, but what about being underemployed? What happens when you end up in a basic job for barely minimum wage, yet you have the credential to do so much more?  #underemployment #career #jobhunting #jobsearch


6 Things I Learned From Being Unemployed

Being unemployed is no fun. I spent over a year searching for a job a few years ago and it was an eye opening experience. I went through the ups and downs of spending most of my time on job boards, fixing up my resume and keeping my fingers crossed that I was good enough for an interview. Here are the 6 things I learned from being unemployed. #unemployed #employment #career


5 Things to Remember When Job Searching

I spent the first 5 months after graduation looking for employment and suffered a job loss almost two years later that left me unemployed for over a year. Finding a job can be hard, but if you’re prepared for it, it does get easier. #jobsearch #career #jobs


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