How to Handle Stress at Work Like a Pro

My stress levels have been off the charts lately, and I’ve definitely had to deal with an overload of stress while still at work. I want to share with you my tips for getting yourself through a stressful time at work like a pro. #stress #work #WorkStress

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How to Prevent Burnout While Figuring Out WTF to Do With Your Life

You might be researching all over the internet, taking in every resource you can to give yourself an idea of what you want to do as a career, have as a life goal, or just what you want to do to make yourself happy in the long run. But...If you overload yourself too much, it's going to lead to burn out. So how do you take a break from figuring out your life to recharge enough to get back in the saddle?


How Recreating my Apartment in the Sims Spurred a Decluttering Spree

So, if you're in your 20s, you've likely grown up playing or at least heard of The Sims franchise. I grew up playing the Sims from the original The Sims games up until the current installment of the Sims 4.  One thing everyone does at least once is to make themselves and to make their own house/apartment in the game. I recently decided to make my own apartment (although it did end up backwards... Oops!) and it lit a fire under me to finally get all of the clutter in my apartment to their respective places.


5 Tips to Get Your Mind Back on Track

Sometimes there are moments when you just can't focus. Maybe you're studying or trying to finish a project and your mind would rather repeat that song you have stuck in your head than think about anything useful. Getting your mind to listen to you can be harder than you think! Here are my 5 tips to help get your mind back on track.


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